Green Apple 2 Week Starter Kit

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–No risk 100% moneyback guarantee

Next Level Oral Care:

  • Patented formula eliminates bad breath when used twice daily
  • Works so well you won't need gums, mints, or other breath fresheners!
  • Provides clean feeling mouth with smoother teeth
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums¹
  • Can reduce or eliminate morning breath
  • Anti-plaque¹, anti-cavity¹
  • Helps reduce or eliminate tonsil stones¹
  • Mild taste leaves mouth quickly, no aftertaste
  • Non-toxic, alcohol-free, does not dry out the mouth
  • Fast and easy to use
  • 100% Money-back guaranteed night and day difference

Enjoy A Noticeably Cleaner and Healthier Feeling Mouth
Amazing Breath's unique formula oxidizes the mouth, helping to reduce plaque¹. This creates such noticeable results that we guarantee a night and day difference between the way your mouth feels now and the way it will feel by the end of your Starter Kit!

"My mouth feels clean fresh all day and all night, even in the morning when I first wake up. I have less stains and plaque, even my dental hygienist was surprised to see the result."*

Juanita A., Amazing Breath Customer
Customer Reviews

Green Apple: Our Deep Penetrating Formula
Green Apple has a flavor similar to Sour Candy Apples and tastes a bit stronger than Red Apple. However, like Red Apple, the taste departs the mouth fairly rapidly, leaving you with only fresh neutral breath by the end of the Starter Kit.

Green Apple is a slightly less powerful oxidizer than Red Apple but it has an additional antiseptic ingredient, Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC). Besides helping to kill bacteria, CPC also acts as a surfactant, allowing Amazing Breath to penetrate deeper into soft tissue and potentially reach more bacteria. The CPC creates foaming action in the mouth during use, which a lot of people enjoy but it makes it harder to gargle with.

Life With Amazing Breath
With Amazing Breath you can go about your day never worrying if your breath is fresh or not. Your teeth are smoother, and your mouth feels much cleaner and healthier. At the dentist's office, your hygienist may notice how clean your teeth and gums are and compliment you. You talk and interact with confidence, and your mouth feels so amazing that you forget about your breath and just live. That's what it's like to have Amazing Breath!

Try Amazing Breath Risk-Free
Simply purchase a Starter Kit and if you do not experience night and day results, contact us for a full refund (minus S&H). Order your Starter Kit now!

"I received everything timely, it included detailed instructions on use, it does what it says it does. My only "con" is that I didnt know about this sooner. It is SO nice to be confident again in the breath department. Legitimate product that's easy to use and makes huge differences in your life."*

Sara S., Amazing Breath Customer
Customer Reviews
Why Amazing Breath Works

Amazing Breath works because it helps to control plaque growth¹. It performs this task so effectively that we are able to make our night and day difference guarantee, which promises a cleaner feeling mouth, smoother teeth, and fresh neutral breath or your money back. These guaranteed results, after all, are simply indications of less plaque growth.

Why Plaque is Bad
Plaque is formed by bacteria that release acids that slowly erode the teeth and gums. Plaque bacteria continually multiply and spread throughout the mouth. Plaque growth, if not disrupted, will form layers that coat parts of the teeth, tongue, and gum line.

Underneath these layers of plaque are pockets of low-oxygen environments where anaerobic bacteria thrive. These bacteria release Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC's)– otherwise known as bad breath.

Plaque and its associated bacteria are responsible for the vast majority of oral hygiene problems, which are known to become more and more serious over time if not addressed.

Common problems associated with plaque:

  • Bad breath
  • Rough, dirty feeling teeth
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Tooth pain
  • Cavities
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Throbbing gums during exercise
  • Loose teeth
  • Tonsil stones
  • And many other common problems

Controlling plaque is a life-long battle that is central to oral hygiene. A mouth with high levels of plaque feels unhealthy with problems like the ones listed above. A mouth with low levels of plaque feels clean and healthy with smooth teeth and fresh neutral breath.

"Excellent dentist trip - virtually no plaque"*

Gaynelle H., Amazing Breath Customer
Customer Reviews

Having low levels of plaque not only improves quality of life by keeping your mouth clean and fresh, but it can also help prevent very serious and expensive problems. If plaque overgrowth is not addressed it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

The Amazing Breath Difference
Since plaque is well known to be the primary cause of oral hygiene problems, almost every oral hygiene product is designed to reduce plaque. However, you might have noticed that most oral hygiene products aren't very good at what they are designed to do since so many people struggle with the problems listed above.

Because of Amazing Breath's anti-plaque capability¹, we can guarantee the cleaner and healthier feeling of a mouth with reduced levels of plaque by the end of your Starter Kit, no matter what products you were using before. Amazing Breath's effectiveness not only makes these results possible to guarantee, it also makes them fast and easy, taking only 30-60 seconds twice a day.

Experience the amazing difference that a cleaner, fresher, and healthier feeling mouth can make in your life. Try Amazing Breath today, risk-free. Order a Starter Kit now!

"My breath stays fresh and with a clean feel which is amazing. I have tried other stuff over the years and so far this is is the best. Moving forward I will always use this for my oral hygiene. When I wake up in the morning my breath feels fresh and teeth feels clean. I was skeptical with my purchase and now I am happy."*

J.P., Amazing Breath Customer
Customer Reviews
How to Use Amazing Breath

Amazing Breath is guaranteed to deliver a new level of oral hygiene while making it fast and easy, taking just 30-60 seconds twice a day!

Read below to get an idea of what it's like to add Amazing Breath to your daily routine.

Amazing Breath consists of two liquid solutions that when mixed together form Oxidyne, a patented oxidizer that cleans the mouth as you brush your teeth.

Since Oxidyne is in liquid form, it reaches into the tiny cracks and crevices where plaque-forming bacteria (and their microscopic food sources) reside. Oxidyne helps to clean away both the bacteria and their microscopic food sources.

The Routine:
Create Oxidyne
Begin by combining the Synergizer and Activator together in the provided Measuring Cup to the indicated lines. Oxidyne is now created.

Brush Teeth With Oxidyne
Take about 1/3 of the Oxidyne into your mouth, insert your toothbrush (seal your lips around the handle to avoid losing the rinse) and brush your teeth with it, making sure to reach all the surface areas of the teeth.

Clean Tongue
Use the Tongue Cleaner to clean your tongue. Start on the back of your tongue and go to the tip. Clean the entire top surface of the tongue using gentle pressure. Rinse the scraping edge after each stroke.

Rinse With Oxidyne
Take the remaining Oxidyne and swish around the mouth like you would with mouthwash. Tilt your head back and gargle lightly for a few seconds (optional).

Using Amazing Breath With/Without Toothpaste
Amazing Breath can be used with or without toothpaste. For more details about this and other information on using Amazing Breath, please see our FAQ.

Additional Notes
For Amazing Breath to help reduce and prevent plaque, it must be used twice daily. This is because it works by helping to control the population of plaque-forming bacteria. This bacteria can grow very quickly so it's important to use Amazing Breath twice daily as directed.

Amazing Breath is shipped in concentrate form. You must dilute the concentrates (the small bottles) with water (using the large empty bottles). This takes 30 seconds or so and only needs to be done once every two weeks if used twice daily.

Guaranteed Night and Day Results

Amazing Breath, when used twice daily as directed, will help lower oral plaque levels¹, providing the guaranteed results below by the end of your Starter Kit. The difference will be night and day no matter what product you are currently using.

In just two short weeks:

Your mouth will feel cleaner and healthier overall, providing comfort and confidence.

Your teeth will feel smoother, almost like you've just left the dentist.

Your breath will feel so clean and neutral that you'll stop buying mints and chewing gums.

If you get recurring tonsil stones, they will be reduced or eliminated.

If you purchase a Starter Kit and use its full contents as directed, yet do not experience night and day results, contact us within 45 days of the order date and we will promptly refund your money (full purchase price less S/H).

Limited to one Starter Kit per person. STARTER KITS ONLY.

"I love it. Worth Every Penny. I will keep using this product forever. My husband loves it and now uses it as well. Thank You."*

Mary, Amazing Breath Customer
Customer Reviews
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Guarantee Inspired by Customer Reviews

Shopper Award

Our guaranteed night and day results were shaped by feedback and testimonials from our customers. People experience these results, so we figured we'd guarantee them!

Third-party Reviews
All testimonials below were collected through Shopper Approved, a popular and reputable Google/Bing certified third party review service. Amazing Breath has no capability to edit or erase Shopper Approved reviews. Thank you very much for your reviews and keep them coming!

*Quotes are all from actual Amazing Breath customers. Results may vary from person to person, however all Amazing Breath Starter Kits come with our guarantee that ensures Amazing Breath will work exactly as described on this website or your money back. Consult with a dentist if your breath does not improve and be sure to see your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup.
¹When used as directed twice daily as part of an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing teeth, cleaning between teeth with floss or brush picks, tongue scraping and regular professional dental cleanings by a licensed dentist's office.

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