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tonsil stones and bad breath
Tonsil stones: often a sign of a larger problem
The Link Between Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

Tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) are created when bacteria get trapped in the tonsils, build-up and harden. After they reach a certain size, they often become dislodged while clearing the throat or while breathing heavily during physical exertion. They are often foul smelling and therefore contribute to bad breath. Although tonsil stones contribute to bad breath, they are usually not the sole cause of the problem. This is because tonsil stones are formed by the same bacteria that cause bad breath (and other problems) in the rest of the mouth. When there are elevated levels of bacteria present in the mouth, there is also an elevated amount of them present in the saliva (this is why some people can test their breath by licking the back of their hand and then smelling it). When saliva with high levels of bacteria travels down the throat, the bacteria sometimes accumulate in the tonsils, forming the stones. Tonsil stones are very common, but they are often preventable by lowering the population of problem-causing bacteria in the mouth, which will also contribute towards fresher breath and better oral hygiene overall.

Eliminate Tonsil Stones With Amazing Breath

Amazing Breath works by helping to reduce problem causing bacteria in the mouth (and therefore saliva). When you use your Starter Kit twice daily as directed, look for signs that you have less of these bacteria. These signs include: a cleaner feeling mouth, smoother teeth and fresher breath. If you notice these results, then there is a good chance your tonsil stones will be eliminated in short time, once existing ones become dislodged.

"I had tonsil stones regularly in the back of my throat that I know had a terrible smell and since using AB for a week they disappeared. My mouth feels clean now.....I'm very pleased with the product!"**

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Amazing Breath Guarantees a Night and Day Difference in Oral Hygiene as Well as the Elimination of Tonsil Stones

With Amazing Breath, a night and day difference is guaranteed by the end of your Starter Kit. This night and day difference includes much fresher breath, smoother teeth, a cleaner and healthier feeling mouth with no tonsil stones. Amazing Breath even works so well that by the end of your Starter Kit, we guarantee you'll stop using chewing gums, mints and other breath fresheners, or your money back!

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