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Amazing Breath


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"Tried store-bought... needed something better... Amazing Breath is better."*
–Estella E., Amazing Breath Customer
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Amazing Breath uses patented new technology to fight the root cause of most oral hygiene problems: the spread of oral plaque and associated bacteria ¹.

Welcome to life-changing oral care:
  • Enjoy a clean, neutral feeling mouth with smooth teeth
  • Never worry about your breath
  • Talk closely to others with confidence
  • Kiss without reservation
  • No need to pause for mints or gums
  • Guaranteed to reduce or eliminate tonsil stones
  • Non toxic, alcohol-free, does not dry out mouth
  • Only takes 30-60 seconds twice a day
  • One time charge, not auto recurring
  • Guaranteed to work where others fail

Try Amazing Breath Risk-Free
Read the reviews below from current Amazing Breath customers, then try Amazing Breath for yourself. If you do not experience similar results by the end of your Starter Kit simply contact us within 45 days of your purchase to receive 100% of your money back (minus s&h).

"I've tried many products but amazing breath makes my mouth feel so clean. It works so much better than every other toothpaste and mouthwash combined! I can't imagine going without it now."*

–Marissa B., Amazing Breath Customer

"My Dentist recommended it. He actually uses it himself."*

– Amy B., Amazing Breath Customer

"Initially I was very skeptical and not sure if this product would work. After about 1 week, I noticed a difference in my breath. I was super happy. By week two, I was completely sold. This product is absolutely amazing!!! I tried everything possible and NOTHING worked. My self confidence is back! I'm no longer fearful of having intimate conversations. Thank you so much Amazingbreath...you save my sanity, emotional state, and my well being!"*

– M. M., Amazing Breath Customer

"It has helped a great deal with tonsil stones. It is the only product I have ever tried that made a difference."*

– Kim K., Amazing Breath Customer

"My breath stays fresh and with a clean feeling which is amazing. I have tried other stuff over the years and so far this is is the best. Moving forward I will always use this for my oral hygiene. When I wake up in the morning my breath feels fresh and teeth feels clean. I was skeptical with my purchase and now I am happy."*

– J. P., Amazing Breath Customer

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Amazing Breath
Life-Changing Oral Care:
  • Never worry about your breath
  • Talk closely with others
  • Kiss without reservation
  • No need to pause for mints or gums
  • Mild taste leaves you with just neutral, fresh breath
  • Non toxic, alcohol-free, does not dry out mouth
  • Guaranteed to work where others fail
  • Only takes 30-60 seconds twice a day
  • One time charge, not auto recurring
  • Join thousands of satisfied customers
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*Quotes are all from actual Amazing Breath customers. Results may vary from person to person, however all Amazing Breath Starter Kits come with our guarantee that ensures Amazing Breath will work exactly as described on this website or your money back. Consult with a dentist if your breath does not improve and be sure to see your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup.

¹When used as directed twice daily as part of an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing teeth, cleaning between teeth with floss or brush picks, tongue scraping and regular professional dental cleanings by a licensed dentist's office.


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