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You’ve tried internal breath capsules, mouthwash, breath sprays, gums and mints... and you’re still disappointed.
We Guarantee a Breathtaking New Level of Oral Hygiene

With Amazing Breath, a night and day difference in the way your mouth feels is guaranteed by the end of your Starter Kit. This night and day difference includes much fresher breath, smoother teeth and a cleaner and healthier feeling mouth. Amazing Breath even works so well that by the end of your Starter Kit, we guarantee you'll stop using chewing gums, mints and other breath fresheners, or your money back!

"I noticed a difference the first time I used amazing breath. I feel so much relief that I can be free of always having gum or a mint while talking to people. It has changed my life."*

– Chris B., Amazing Breath Customer
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Risk Free-Offer

If by the end of your Starter Kit you do not feel Amazing Breath performed as advertised or you're not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 45 days of the order date and we will promptly refund your money 100% (full purchase price less S/H).

Amazing Breath is doctor formulated and made in the USA using a FDA Registered GMP Facility. Ordering online is fast, easy and secure with many express payment options including Paypal, Google Pay, Amazon and Apple pay. Amazing Breath Starter Kits are a one-time purchase, not recurring, so there is no need to cancel. If the night and day difference results above sound good to you, there's no reason not to try Amazing Breath! Order your Starter Kit now by clicking the "Buy now" button below.

Life-Changing Oral Care:
  • Never worry about your breath
  • Talk closely with others
  • Kiss without reservation
  • No need to pause for mints or gums
  • Mild taste leaves you with just neutral, fresh breath
  • Non toxic, alcohol-free, does not dry out mouth
  • Guaranteed to work where others fail
  • Only takes 30-60 seconds twice a day
  • One time charge, not auto recurring
  • Join thousands of satisfied customers
Results Backed by Amazing Breath Customer Testimonials

The guaranteed night and day results listed above were shaped by feedback and testimonials from our customers. People experience these results (as you'll see below), so we figured we'd guarantee them.

Third-party Testimonials

All reviews are collected through Shopper Approved, a popular and reputable Google/Bing certified third party review service. Amazing Breath has no capability to edit or erase Shopper Approved reviews.

"I followed the instructions and Boom! I feel like I just had my teeth cleaned from a dentist! Fresh breath! I can't leave the house without using it."*

– Shiela M., Amazing Breath Customer

"I have used it for 3 years now and love it! Gives me confidence and has eliminated the need for mints or gum."*

– Julie P., Amazing Breath Customer

"Works great I love how my mouth and teeth feel after use. My dentist always tells me I have little to no plaque."*

–Michael F., Amazing Breath Customer

"Best product I have ever used for better breath. Thank you for changing my life!"*

– Allie L., Amazing Breath Customer

"For many years I chewed gum all day and used mints, all to no avail; just masking the odor. I was self conscious all my life with my breath problem. This formula changed my life. I have been using it over 10 years!"*

– CHERYL T., Amazing Breath Customer

"It really works, I was very surprised with the results. Strange that I haven't heard about this magic solution before."*

– Aliona, Amazing Breath Customer

"Amazing breath is the only product that helps me feel more confident and really works!"*

– Juan R., Amazing Breath Customer

"Only Oral Hygiene Product that works!!"*

– Natalie S., Amazing Breath Customer

"Great product , it actually works as advertised, refreshing."*

– Jeffrey C., Amazing Breath Customer

"I have not had any tonsil stones since using this product. Plus, my teeth are so much cleaner and healthier."*

– Alison S., Amazing Breath Customer

"I used to have sensitive teeth and used toothpaste for sensitive teeth, so I was super skeptical using only Amazing Breath. I was afraid my sensitivity issues would come back, but they haven't! My breath is amazing now too. I haven't used gum since I started using it either."*

– Kriss P., Amazing Breath Customer

"I LOVE this product, it truly is amazing! My mouth and breath both feel fresh all day and I feel like all my annoying tonsil stones are gone after just a week or so. THANK YOU!"*

– C. P., Amazing Breath Customer

"Very happy with product. Have only been using a couple weeks already noticing smoother teeth, fresher breath, cleaner feeling mouth. Love waking up without embarrassing dragon breath lol"*

– Ramona E., Amazing Breath Customer

"Less plaque (told by dentist), smoother teeth, & overall cleaner mouth feel."*

– Adam G., Amazing Breath Customer

"Amazing Breath Changed My Life!"*

– Phyllis M., Amazing Breath Customer

"I work very close with people on a daily basis. I like the feeling my mouth feels clean and fresh."*

– June K., Amazing Breath Customer

"It's Amazing. Just to see a healthy tongue again was just awesome!!!, and people not frowning or pinching their nose or fanning when I talk to them. Its such a great feeling and my confidence level is up to the sky."*

– Marie H., Amazing Breath Customer

"Amazing. I've already told a bunch of people to start using Amazing Breath! My husband used to complain about my bad breath and I haven't heard him say anything but good things! Amazing Breath not only gives you fresh breath but it removes all plaque from your teeth. "*

– Kate, Amazing Breath Customer

"I have been using Amazing Breath less than 2 weeks and my mouth feels cleaner! I have had less tonsil stones, and my teeth feel smoother like the plague has broken away from the enamel. My breath is fresher."*

– Angie, Amazing Breath Customer

"I have noticed that the plaque buildup on my teeth is gone. My teeth feel clean and smooth. I'm not constantly feeling the need to brush my teeth or use mouthwash."*

– Jessica, Amazing Breath Customer

"I started to use amazingbreath two months ago. I have noticed a big difference in my oral health as well as plaque on my teeth has completely disappeared. I feel more confident and don't have breath issues anymore."*

– Gigi, Amazing Breath Customer

"Breath is so much better in the morning!!"*

– Erin P., Amazing Breath Customer

"This is the only oral care that you will ever need! Other brands like Listerine, Colgate, etc... only temporarily work! Wish I found Amazing Breath earlier! Been using it for over a year now and not one complaint about bad breath, unlike when I used the other aforementioned brands which only masked the breath & treated symptoms as opposed to Amazing Breath which treats and cures the issues straight from the core. Thank you Amazing Breath!"*

– JP, Amazing Breath Customer

"My Dentist recommended it. He actually uses it himself."*

– Amy B., Amazing Breath Customer
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*Quotes are all from actual Amazing Breath customers. Results may vary from person to person, however all Amazing Breath Starter Kits come with our guarantee that ensures Amazing Breath will work exactly as described on this website or your money back. Consult with a dentist if your breath does not improve and be sure to see your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup.

¹When used as directed twice daily as part of an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing teeth, cleaning between teeth with floss or brush picks, tongue scraping and regular professional dental cleanings by a licensed dentist's office.


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