Blue Mint 1 Month Reorder (PRELIMINARY VERSION 1)

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Blue Mint: PRELIMINARY VERSION 1 (Save 20%, details below)

Amazing Breath Reorder Supplies come in concentrate form and are for existing customers who have already purchased a Starter Kit. The Starter Kits include everything needed to dilute and mix the concentrates. This is a one month supply of Amazing Breath when used as directed.

Due to popular demand, we are formulating a mint version of Amazing Breath! This preliminary version is available in limited quantity only.

Help Us Make the Best Mint Possible and Get Discounts in Return*
It is our goal to make the best tasting mint possible. Your feedback would help us greatly to accomplish this. As our thanks to you, we will offer the two discounts below, just follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Save 20% off now by ordering a 1 Month Reorder supply of Blue Mint PRELIMINARY VERSION 1 and using the discount code "BLUE"*
  • Use Blue Mint PRELIMINARY VERSION 1 every day for at least a couple weeks
  • Complete a short flavor survey that we will email you about three weeks after ordering and receive a 20% off coupon good for any purchase at
  • Help shape Amazing Breath's next flavor!

Based off of the Foaming Green Apple Formula
Amazing Breath Blue Mint PRELIMINARY VERSION 1 is based off of the Green Apple formula with CPC so it will foam slightly. This formula is just the Green Apple formula with a different flavor and color. If you're a fan of the Red Apple, there may be a Blue Mint version in the future based off of the non-foaming Red Apple formula.

This version of Blue Mint is minty yet mild so the mint flavor should not linger too long.

Limited Availability
Once they are sold out this exact flavor might never be sold again. There are currently no Blue Mint Starter kits or Blue Mint Autoship subscriptions available for purchase. This will change in the future once the flavor is final.

*Discount not valid with any other discount offer. ALL SALES OF BLUE MINT ARE FINAL.

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Reorder Return Policy

Amazing Breath STARTER KITS come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, however for Reorders and Accessories all sales are final.

While Reorders are not eligible for refund, we do in certain situations exchange items. We will also replace an item damaged during shipment.

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*Quotes are all from actual Amazing Breath customers. Results may vary from person to person, however all Amazing Breath Starter Kits come with our guarantee that ensures Amazing Breath will work exactly as described on this website or your money back. Consult with a dentist if your breath does not improve and be sure to see your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup.
¹When used as directed twice daily as part of an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing teeth, cleaning between teeth with floss or brush picks, tongue scraping and regular professional dental cleanings by a licensed dentist's office.

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